Avante Grande

After conversations with someone from Starbucks corporate about their struggles to efficiently produce the event internally, Starbucks contracted us to execute this existing event concept. Starbucks organized the event themselves in the past, and we not only took over the management of the project, we saved them significant money (upwards of 40% of their previous year’s budget) by leveraging vendor relationships and taking a completely different approach. We also generated $4,000 that night for Young Audiences of Indiana, a non-profit arts education group. In an already incredibly demanding corporate environment, middle managers often struggle with side projects and new workload. Hiring Pulp Functions to execute all the details of the Avant Grande event took the burden of organizing this event off the shoulders of Starbucks employees. We even set up a plan to host the event in multiple cities and showed how the costs of the event, when spread across multiple store locations in each area, were incredibly low per store.

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