Huddle After Hours

While the 2012 Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee certainly had plenty of activities planned for families throughout downtown that week, they did not have an adults-only spot for the crowds seeking nightlife. When a 20,000 square foot space became available in the heart of the Super Bowl Village, the Host Committee hired us to come up with a concept and budget for the space, and on very short notice. The Huddle After Hours felt like a club in South Beach, featuring headliner DJs backed by a large video installation, club lighting, high-end lounge furniture, VIP sections with bottle service, go-go dancers, and one of the hottest dance floors that entire week. The event took place in a former department store space in a mall—another example of how Pulp Functions can transform virtually any space into an event and bring it to life. Almost everyone who attended agreed that it was one of the most unique and entertaining parties the entire week leading up to Super Bowl XLVI. We were able to generate positive cash flow for the ten day event, and the entire production, from concept to the day the doors open, was planned in less than four weeks.