Print Resources Grand Opening

Print Resources, an Indianapolis-based print company, had recently moved into a new space from their previous location in the Stutz Building downtown. Now in their own, considerably larger space, they wanted to host a kickoff event and invite clients, friends and family. We managed the entire project, and setup an outdoor tent party that featured bands, a DJ, bars, food and a live graffiti exhibit. In fact, the graffiti artists were painting a mural on the company’s delivery van. This was a great example of how even a local company can create a significant marketing event and not have to worry about any of the details in the planning process. By hiring Pulp Functions to plan and execute this event, Print Resources was allowed to focus on moving into and adjusting to the new space. Pulp Functions was able to help minimize the ‘growing pains’ by completely removing the stress of planning a grand opening event from the client’s daily agenda. Pulp Functions was able to leverage relationships with artists, performers and vendors to save the client a great deal of cash compared to what they would have paid had they tried to book these on their own.

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