Ambre Blends

Ambre Blendsan independent, women-owned business in Indianapolis, produces high-quality, organic body products made by hand with 100% pure and natural vegan ingredients from all over the world. As the company rapidly grew, they realized they needed some help handling their marketing efforts.

“When we hired Pulp Functions, digital marketing became much more of the forefront of what we do.  Their attention to detail is impeccable, their reactive times to inquiries that come through social media channels is top notch. Our social media arm has become so impactful that our e-commerce site is now asking us what we’re doing so that they can recommend it to their other clients due to the amount of traffic coming from social media and turning into direct sales. Pulp Functions for us has become something that is invaluable.”
-Adam Crockett, Director of Operations at Ambre Blends

We put together a comprehensive plan for Ambre Blends that leverages the use of social marketing and content creation to continuously create awareness, interest, social authority and trust in order to increase customer sales and engagement. Included in the strategy are online campaigns, contests and hashtags centered around product launches and events.

You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.